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Our mission is to turn simple ideas into budding start-ups

Testing new business concepts and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs



Our business plan courses are designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and business students

Our courses are designed for:

1. Aspiring entrepreneurs that want to start-up their first business venture


2. Entrepreneurs with small start-ups that need a structured business plan to grow


3. Business students that want to learn the steps to setting-up a small business.



































Additional benefits of our online courses include joining our entrepreneur community

Additional benefits of signing up with us:

1. You get to join our network of entrepreneurs

This is the ideal way to meet co-founders and like-minded people that are also in the process of setting-up their own business venture.


2. You'll gain real skills for life! Understanding how a business comes together and how to draw up a business plan are invaluable skills in any job.

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